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To be honest, I get pretty stressed out when I try to write “About Me” blurbs. I have a hard time with commitment, so I never want to commit myself to a paragraph that’s supposed to sum me up. But, because you’d probably like to know a little more about me before trusting me with your next portrait session, I can tell you what I am committed to…

I am committed to my family, and I feel so blessed to have them all close.

Six years ago, I committed myself to my best friend in marriage. We were married on a dock (which he built!) at sunset on my parents’ property. And, I have yet to experience something as beautiful as that night.

I am committed to being a mother. We welcomed our first baby (Sienna Rose) into our family three years and our son (Reid Philip) just 9 months ago, and they are these amazing beings that I can’t help but photograph non-stop. Motherhood has changed my life. And, I think it’s changed my eyes as a photographer as well.

Recently, I finished a commitment to school when I was hooded by Fresno State as a “Master” of Fine Arts in poetry. Many people ask what I will do with my degree, and I tell them, I am doing it. I am writing with photographs. Telling the story of a single moment. And, I have fallen in love with the idea of creating poetry from visual images: making lasting impressions from an often unseen, unnoticed perspective. Being a photographer, like being a writer, continues to surprise me, teach me, and humble me.

And, I am committed to knowing & serving the Lord. The light of my life is Jesus Christ. And, I continue to learn how to rely more & more upon His guidance for my life and my business.

I am committed to growing. In my craft. In my skill. In my art. In my capacity as a photographer. What I love about my job above all else is meeting and working with new couples & families all the time. I am committed to learning about you, to creating a collection of images that is uniquely you. And to making you feel & look wonderful.